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Sweet SugarArt

Sweet SugarArt brings originality and sweetness to your wedding or any special event. You can be sure that all your wishes will be granted! It’s with love and precision that I shape the sugar figures, wedding cakes or flower compositions and turn your table decorations into delicacies. Now, enjoy the picture gallery were you‘ll find my personal compositions.

Feel free to contact me and I’ll be pleased to discuss a personalized solution, whatever the occasion ( =>Contact ). Together we’ll discover the possibilities and work within the budget of your project. You can be assured of a fair price as well as meeting your deadline and expectations.

Daniela Frezza Isenschmid

About me

As a little girl, was I fascinated by handicrafts. The skill I gained, thanks to painting on wood, fabric and china, as well as pictures in natural materials such as hand-spun wool and felt compositions helped me become a perfectionist for crafting my Sweet SugarArt creations.

I learned cake design when I lived in Peru. I concluded my education with a diploma from the Peruvian Education Ministry accredited school of El Atelier del Azucar. El Atelier del Azucar is a well-known school attended by the internationally famous artist, Rosa Viacava de Ortega. This woman’s golden hands taught me the base of this amazing craft.

It was then that I discovered that my grand-uncle immigrated at the beginning of last century from Switzerland to Brazil (where a street is named after him) and had successfully ventured in cake design. Coincidence? Maybe this could explain my passion and fondness for this form of art.

And after a studying in London, I returned with new techniques in cake design and the "Professional Master Certificate" in my pocket. The high-quality instruction and professional support of the internationally known Peggy Porschen Academy allowed me to further sharpen my skills to create outstanding SugarArt.